We are nb+ and we want to deepen New Brunswick citizens' connections to public services and help New Brunswick entrepreneurs and businesses develop and export world-leading digital products and services.

Our goal is a secure and open digital society that enables New Brunswick citizens to use their smart phone, tablet, desktop or other electronic device to easily access public services such as health care, education, business development, licenses and recreational activities.

To get us started we are creating a digital lab to imagine, create, and launch new products and services that will reimagine how public services are delivered and provide citizens with greater access to government information and data.

About Us

nb+ is a partnership between the Government of New Brunswick and TechImpact, an organization made up of local technology business leaders that advocates for a greater embrace of IT literacy and innovation as a strategy for economic growth.

We will work together to create, develop and test new citizen-focused digital products and services to better connect New Brunswick citizens to their public services using technology available at their fingertips.

This partnership will drive a new way of thinking, collaborating, and accelerating work for improved results. 

Getting Started

Here’s what we are tackling right out of the gate.

Open Data

nb+ Open Data

Open data is a process to provide citizens with greater access to government data to engage and enable entrepreneurs, public servants, technology developers, and citizens to create and launch products and services using open data.

We are proud to be a part of the growing open government movement, which seeks to make government more transparent, accessible and collaborative with citizens. The data sets that form the foundation of our open government work does not contain any personal or private information.

Do you have ideas on what data sets you would like access to?

Digital Lab

nb+ Digital Lab

We will create a physical and digital space where entrepreneurs will work alongside industry and public sector experts to co-create, develop, test, and pilot new products and services in New Brunswick, with an eye to using New Brunswick as the launch pad for export.

Do you have an idea and would like to learn more about the lab?